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Bunchd is a new web service that makes your life easier. We save all of your social, email, and news accounts, giving you the ability to browse between services with ease. Add as many accounts you’d like. The more, the better.

Stay Organized. Quit Missing Important Updates.

Bunchd organizes your online accounts, making communicating more efficient than ever. Stop wasting your time and energy, just check Bunchd instead.

For Only $4 a Month, Bunchd Fixes Your Problems.

Checking your social, news, and email accounts shouldn't be a pain in the ass. It should be useful and efficient. That's why we've created Bunchd. Save your time and energy, stay organized, stay productive.

It's time we stop mindlessly checking websites, and start using Bunchd.

  • View updates from Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Easily switch between Email inboxes.
  • Read news immediately through Bunchd.
  • Notification system that keeps you organized.
  • Helpful analytics to keep your messaging efficient.